Integral interior design for Hotel Rubi

In February 2023, Daniel Orozco Estudio completed one of its standout hospitality projects: Rubi. This project exemplifies our dedication to creating unique and immersive environments. It all began when Rachel, the owner, visited our Tulum showroom. During her visit, we not only presented our comprehensive proposal for her hotel but also allowed her to explore and experience firsthand the various materials and finishes that would define the character of Rubi.

For the rooms, we collaborated with several other studios in Tulum, such as Casa Belart, which helped us decorate the rooms with their beautiful details, including textiles and vases. These unique items added an exceptional touch to the rooms, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere for the guests.

Key elements of the room designs include kitchen stools, bed curtains, and wooden frames over the beds, all made from solid wood sourced from the region. This wood is one of our favorites and is used in many of our projects. For the exterior areas of the rooms, we crafted sunbeds from solid jabín wood with Sunbrella upholstery, and for the rooftops, we chose green and sandy tones for all the mattresses, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

The common areas of Rubi are always a highlight of our proposals. We faced several challenges in these areas, such as designing sunbeds that are organically made from Sunbrella to fit the specific spaces available in the project. These custom pieces enhance the outdoor experience for guests, providing comfort and style.

For the restaurants, we designed unique tables with turned legs, using a variety of materials for the tabletops, including cushions, mattresses, wood, stone, and granite. This playful combination of materials adds a distinctive character to each dining space. The rooftop bar and pool bar feature soft lines and tones, with totem-inspired bar stools on the roof, creating a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing environment.

When you visit RUBI, you must try BALAXE. Your experience will be unique, surrounded by exquisite design and nature, making your stay truly unforgettable.