Shore House




Minimal new 5 bedrooms house and stunning living spaces.

Kathleen and David Shore are one of our favorite clients, thanks to Daniel Orozco's sales team, we were able to have a collaboration with one of our favorite clients, this beautiful 5 bedroom house built and designed by Arqui Partners was ready in February 2024.

What excited us the most about this project was the freedom that our clients gave us in the decision making process, although we always kept them informed of the changes that had to be made, it was a team work for more than 6 months.

The materials we used for this house, are totally from the region as well as wood, textile and natural fibers, we also used volcanic stone and sumbrella for the exteriors.

The house is a work of art, it has a modern jungle look and the gray tones of the concrete with the greens of the vegetation and the wood tones make this house look modern and luxurious.

Our favorite part is the ROOFTOP, it is ideal for reading a good book or lying in the sun, the common areas are perfect for socializing and the rooms are very comfortable.

We love that it has sculptures and mirrors everywhere, without a doubt one of the best modern homes in Tulum.